Large and Small Businesses

Brush Driveway Sealcoating understands your pavement maintenance needs for large or small businesses.   

We are here to answer any questions you may have and will prepare a clear, itemized proposal for the necessary work.   

We are prepared and equipped to complete your project in a highly professional and timely manner.  

We work with your schedule to ensure the least amount of interruption to your business operations. 

• Commercial Grade Coal Tar Emulsion Asphalt Sealcoating  

with rubberized additive that meets or exceeds  Federal Specification RP-355e

 • FSA drying agent

 • Silica Sand 

 • Rubberized Hot Tar Crack Sealant heated to 190F  Fed Spec ASTM-3405

 (flash sanded for immediate traffic) 

 • Asphalt Cold Pack Patching 

 • Emergency Pot Hole Repairs 

 • Line Striping and Traffic Signs

We look forward to working with you on your project.

Large or Small Businesses

Parking Lots



Spray Coat Application for large parking lots


Handbrush Method on smaller lots