Our Services

Hunterdon, Morris, Somerset and Warren Counties in New Jersey


We have over 30+ years experience in the asphalt maintenance industry.     

We are a fully insured and a registered contractor in NJ.   


• Sealcoating   

• Rubberized Hot Tar Crack Fill  

• Patch and Pot Hole Repair   

• Line Striping and Traffic Signs  

We take special care around block, cement, walks, brick, and garage doors.  We hand paint the edging for superior neatness.  Your pavement is not only sealed and protected from harmful chemicals and oxidation from the sun but it is also beautified and adds a well groomed appearance to your home and property !  Although sealcoating is not intended to repair base damage or to "permanently" repair cracks ...it is a very affordable alternative to repaving if the asphalt is in good enough condition to do so.    

At Brush Driveway Sealcoating we will give you an honest, detailed evaluation of your driveway and offer our professional opinion for options that may be available to you.  

We take pride in helping the customer make the best choice for their situation.   Every driveway is unique !